• Alara Kutar


Sex is in every song, film, show, everywhere we go, in every

conversation, in every joke, in every mouth but is it really sex they are talking

about? It seems that this intimate action is on the core of our world, its what makes

the world go around! But howcome no one actually knows what to do, like really

what to do? If we are making it a big deal then real sex education and

normalization of sexuality should come with it. Every genital should know how to

have sex with every genital and it shouldn’t be shamed upon unless the conditions

fit their requierements and most importantly everyone should be aware that the

action is not called sex unless each person taking part of the action consents it.

Sexuality comes with humanity and its madness to opress it and it has

consequences so if everyone from every age group talks about it we may as well

educate ourselves and stop judging whatever goes on between the people doing it.

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