Creating a video with a group partner with the aim of creating a movement.


We wanted to shift the collective consciousness towards a more positive standard.


Our main goal was to create a movement towards a healing collective. The first step was to research and I have done both academic and social research communicating with different age groups on their mental state. I have also created a QR code with an anonymous google document including questions that asks the participant to rate their week. I created a sticker including that QR code and stuck it around Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I have also shared the document link with my friends from Turkey, France, Germany, and Canada to get a more universal point of view. The creation of our video took a few meetings of discussing ideas and sketching them. When we made sure what we wanted to make we organized the shoot deciding on a location, the actress, and costume choices. The shoot took two days. After we required the video we have edited it and created our main piece for our movement. The video contains relatable content to put attention to the unspoken parts of mental health. When we were done with the video we have also shared it on social platforms to reach our goal of letting people know this is something everyone struggles with and that it’s okay to feel this way. I, later on, participated in a platform in Het Nieuw Instituut to talk about the video.

link of the event: