Provide a self-portrait that expresses something about you.


I wanted to show my true self.


At this time of my life, it was quite hard for me to recognize myself for who I am. Previously from this project, I have lost a loved one which was something that I was still struggling with that affected my mental state. Moving to a new country on my own in that state made me question the things I would normally use to define myself. Going through that mourning state and not realizing that is what you go through creates a mental block. This may be why my experimentation in creating a visual that represents me did not satisfy me as I wasn’t myself at the time. The image being dark and unclear made me say “Yes, this is what I see when I think of who I am!” I think it is worth noting that it makes me almost happy that I got lost in the darkness losing who I am after losing that person as they played a huge role in who I am and who I was.