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New Beginnings

All Handmade

 All the jewelry you see on this site is made entirely by me. First I get inspired and create a theme and write a few sentences about what I want my designs to communicate. Then I start researching the thing that inspired me and I look up some symbols as I love symbolism.   


 When I do my research the scribbles and the ideas begin. I think about the gemstones I can use, create rough sketches of the jewelry and decide on the material I am going to use for that design. I really enjoy the freedom that comes with working with modeling wax so even if the majority of the design ends up being cut and shaped from metal pieces there usually is a detail that has been cast.


 When I finish welding and sanding the pieces I bring the finished piece to a plater to elongate the beauty of the pieces by plating them with 14 carat gold and top it off with a protective layer.


Blaak 10, 3011 TA Rotterdam, Netherlands

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